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As competition in the healthcare industry continues to grow, so do new opportunities to effectively communicate with patients. Clinik Apps' unique mobile technology promotes enhanced patient satisfaction, made possible by a simple, effective method of communication delivered with the utmost convenience in mind. From managing appointments and billing information, to delivering important healthcare information directly to patients, there are numerous benefits associated with implementing technology into your medical practice. Clinik Apps holds the key to this new, exciting pathway toward optimal patient satisfaction and engagement.

Our mission

Setting targets and achieving goals

Clinik Apps was founded in 2013 as a result of a simple observation: people have transformed how they live, work, shop, and buy, but healthcare clinics have not yet adapted. This mismatch led our team to envision an enhanced patient communication experience and thus, the development of the Clinik Apps platform to support it. With our powerful, easy to use, integrated set of web and mobile applications, clincs can attract, engage, and delight patients by simply communicating more effectively. This is achieved by the use of new channels of communication, including text messaging and e-mail, and automating these methods effectively with relevant, helpful, and personalized information, delivered directly to the patient.

Clinik Apps is, after all, on a mission to enhance the patient communication experience across the world, one clinic transformation after another.