Your patients and staff's health are top priorities just like your business health and we are here to offer you powerful tools to help you win the fight against COVID-19 whether you are using in-practice consultations or online consultations
Adopt tools that limit interaction, sharing and contact between your staff and patients
Free unlimited access to your Dashboard with Live COVID-19 KPIs
Easy Setup - Cancel Anytime
Tools to protect your patients, your staff and your business
Digital Patient Forms
Use digital patient forms to protect your staff and patients against COVID-19, as it will greatly reduce the appointment waiting times and crowding, thus preventing the virus transmission. This tool will also reduce the interaction between your staff and patients and the usage and sharing of papers and pens, diminishing the contact and as a result the possible spread of the virus itself.
Mobile Check-In
Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by asking your patients to check-in using their mobiles and stay out of your waiting room to be called in for their appointments. Using this tool will reduce the crowding in your waiting rooms and the same time will protect your patients by reducing the interaction with other patients. Using this feature you can also ask your patients to fill intake forms while waiting to be called in.
Phone Call Management
Add a personal touch and show your patients you care about their wellbeing by giving them a phone call. This will also give you the opportunity to educate them on steps they can take to protect themselves and fight COVID-19. Managing timely phone calls would be more complicated than email communication, especially if you are providing tele health / online consultations.
All you need in one package
Re-call Automation
Improve your re-call success rates by personalised recalls, based on your patient conditions and your clinic protocols
Digital Patient Forms
Reduce your admin workload and improve your patient experience by in-practice digital forms via iPad
Out-practice forms via SMS & Email
Patient Satisfaction Tracker
Get instant feedback from your patients based on your desired protocols
KPI Dashboard
Find areas of improvement for your practice and each practitioner with visual and customisable dashboards
Calendar Optimisation
Automatic DNA, cancellation and late cancellation management
Patient Experience Optimisation
Patient journey management from welcoming new patients, during treatment plan and after discharge
Patient Mobile App
Improve your patient experience by providing your own mobile app. Mobile booking, upcoming appointments and history. One click to call and get address
Appointment Confirmation+
Reduce your cancellations and DNA using customisable appointment confirmation+
Patient Education
Improve your patient retention by providing your educational material before first appointment, during treatment plan and beyond
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Free unlimitted access to Dashboard
Free unlimitted in-practice Patient Forms
Easy setup - No lock-in contract
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Scott Wescombe
Owner and Director
Happy Physio
"Thank you Cliniq Apps for pointing out that my three months reactivation campaign has rebooked 206 new appointments and generated $14,457"
Jessica Keir
Health & Wellness Australia
"The most interaction we've noticed are from our 1 week follow-up after the initial consult and our 1 month reactivation campaigns.

Thanks Cliniq Apps! [...] I can see what a great impact this is going to have on our business!"
Michael Rizk
"I have rebooked 36 new campaign with my one month reactivation campaign adding $2,837 to my bottom line. Thanks Cliniq Apps"
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Free unlimitted access to Dashboard
Free unlimitted in-practice Patient Forms
Easy setup - No lock-in contract

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