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Cliniq Apps for solo practitioners

AUD / monthonly $29 AUD / monthonly
AUD / yearonly $295.80 AUD / yearonly
Upgrade as you grow.

All our plans come with these terrific features

Unlimited Locations

Manage as many locations or businesses as you need using a single account.

Unlimited Campaigns

Grow your business with unlimited campaigns.

Unlimited Patients

Grow and keep growing - we don't cap the number of patients.

All patient communication channels:
SMS campaigns are only 10 cents per message.
Unlimited Emails
Email as many patients as you like, as often as you like.
Mail-outs are only $1.50 per letter.
Unlimited Push Notifications
Send out as many push notifications as you like.
Emails Patient Forms
Email your patient forms for free
SMS Patient Forms
Only 20 cents per message
In-practice Patient Forms
Unlimitted in-practice patient forms to be used on iPad and android devices
Your Own Mobile App
We create a customised mobile app for your clinic completely FREE.
Patients will book, view messages and stay connected with your clinic.